DIN CERTCO increases its international network of laboratory partners

New cooperation with Scion from New Zealand

DIN CERTCO is now starting the new cooperation with Scion [OE1] [MH2] for the testing of compostable products.

Dr. Oliver Ehlert (product manager, compostable products, DIN CERTCO) says:
“With the acknowledgment of our new testing partner Scion [OE3] we strengthen our position in Australia and New Zealand. We can offer our customers a faster service for laboratory testing with local partners around the globe[OE4] .”

Dr. Florian Graichen (science leader biopolymers and chemicals, Scion) says:

“DIN CERTCO is a key partner for Scion in our role to lead the transition of New Zealand to a circular bioeconomy. Scion is helping to solve the new challenges that arise through the transition into a new economy focused on sustainable design and renewable resources. The ability to design, manufacture, test and certify compostable products and materials are crucial for the success and future growth of New Zealand’s packaging and plastics related businesses.”

For certifications, according to the AS 4736 and AS 5810 standards in the Australia and New Zealand (Australasia) markets, DIN CERTCO already cooperates with the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA) and the certification system there.

Scion [OE5] covers the full scope of laboratory tests for industrial compostable products and home compostable products[OE6]  and can perform the laboratory testing for the certification of compostable products according to all relevant national and international standards: ASTM D 6400, EN 13432, EN 14995, ISO 17088, ISO 18606, AS 4736, AS 5810, NF T 51-800.



DIN CERTCO is the leading independent international certification body for industrial and home compostable products.  With our worldwide recognized certification marks we cover all international markets, in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Due to its positive potential for meeting the requirements of the recycling industry, the demand for industrially compostable products from biodegradable materials is continuously increasing.

We certify your biodegradable products against EN 13432 and other national and international standards, where applicable. Additionally, we award two internationally recognized certification marks: our DIN-Geprüft test mark for industrial compostability and the Seedling compostability mark of the European Bioplastics association. Both can be used individually, alternatively or simultaneously, and document the compostability of your products in industrial composting facilities.


Scion is a Crown Research Institute (CRI), which is a government-owned company that carries out scientific research for the benefit of New Zealand. Each of seven CRIs is aligned with a productive sector of the economy or a grouping of natural resources.

We specialize in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood and wood-derived materials and other biomaterial sectors. We are the leading CRI in:

  • Sustainable forest management and tree improvement.
  • Forestry biosecurity, risk management and mitigation.
  • Wood processing, wood-related bioenergy, waste streams and other biomaterials.
  • Forestry and forestry-based ecosystem services to inform land-use decision-making.

Also, we collaborate with other research providers and end-users to develop:

  • Land-based biosecurity, soil and freshwater management.
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Indigenous forestry.
  • Industrial biotechnology and high-value manufacturing.


DIN CERTCO, press release, 2019-05.


Australasian Bioplastics Association
DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung
Scion Research


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