DIN CERTCO: Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture

Release of the standard EN 17033:2018 Plastics - Requirements and test methods

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-05 um 14.12.09At the same time with the release of the standard EN 17033:2018 “Plastics – Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture – Requirements and test methods”, DIN CERTCO offers the certification system “DIN-Geprüft Biodegradable in Soil” for mulching films, intermediates and materials. With this certification system you as manufacturer or distributor verify the biodegradability of these items.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-05 um 14.05.21Biodegradable mulch films have been used for more than 15 years as alternatives in agriculture and horticulture with high acceptance upon European farmers. In October 2017, a majority in the European Parliament voted to support biodegradable mulch films in the revision of the EU Fertilizer Regulation. In particular, the possibility of ploughing the film directly onto the field and leaving it to rot after use is appreciated. The reduction of microplastics in fields plays a major role in this context.

Here you can find more about this certification system.


DIN CERTCO, press release, 2018-06.


DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung
European Parliament


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