DECC report published on UK and global bioenergy resource

Analysing current and potential biomass supply with summaries of key constraints and solutions

A new DECC report, written by AEA, has been published analysing current and potential biomass supply, to 2030, with useful summaries of the key constraints and liekly solutions.

The report examines potential biomass supply in the UK between 2010 and 2030, given current constraints and the potential to address some of these constraints.

It examines the supply side issues only and does not consider constraints on the conversion and use of biomass. The analysis examined the situation to 2030, based on forward estimates of potential biomass supply and included three international development scenarios: business as usual; high investment; and low development.

The report concludes that a wide range of feedstocks make up the potential UK resource. These include wood, crop and waste resources representing a range of chemical and physical characteristics that will need to be taken into account in their exploitation.

The supply potential of UK feedstocks varies considerably by price, constraints that could be overcome and time. For example in 2020, we estimate that the total potential supply to be around 450PJ at the £4/GJ price point if easy constraints alone are overcome and around 750PJ at the £10/GJ price point with all constraints overcome for the 1G maximum scenario.

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NNFCC, 2011-03-31.


AEA group
Department for Transport and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
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