Danimer Scientific and Chevron Phillips Chemical Collaborate to Develop Technology for Lower-Cost Biodegradable Polymer Manufacturing

Implementation of technology that transformed polyolefin production expected to drive higher-volume Rinnovo™ production at lower overall costs

Danimer Scientific, Inc. (NYSE: DNMR) (“Danimer” or the “Company”), a leading next generation bioplastics company focused on the development and production of biodegradable materials, today announced it is collaborating with Chevron Phillips Chemical (“CPChem”) to explore a loop slurry reactor design for the manufacture of Rinnovo™. Rinnovo™ is a type of polyhydroxyalkanoate (“PHA”) synthesized from lactones produced using Danimer’s proprietary Novo22™ catalyst technology that can be used in the production of biodegradable alternatives to traditional plastics.

Through this collaboration, Danimer will evaluate the use of CPChem’s loop slurry reactor design to develop a continuous reactor system in the manufacturing process for Rinnovo™. If successful, this reactor design is expected to increase utilization of future manufacturing plants, drive higher production volumes and lower overall costs, as compared to the polymerization reactor design currently used in the production of Rinnovo™.

Stephen E. Croskrey, Chief Executive Officer of Danimer, said, “CPChem’s loop slurry technology is one of the world’s most renowned processes for producing polyolefins efficiently and economically. This collaboration enhances our strategy of accelerating the production of our biodegradable polymers to better serve our customers and reduce the environmental impacts of plastic waste.”

First introduced in 1961, CPChem’s loop slurry processes produce a wide range of resins for a variety of applications. Today, the technology, through CPChem and its licensees, accounts for a significant portion of high-density polyethylene production worldwide. Jim Telljohann, Senior Vice President, Research & Technology of CPChem noted that, “This collaboration with Danimer is illustrative of CPChem’s commitment to advance programs in support of our product sustainability, circularity and climate efforts.”

Jeff Uhrig, General Manager and President of Danimer Scientific Catalytic Processes, said, “As the proven industry standard of efficient, reliable polyethylene production for 60 years, CPChem’s loop slurry design is believed to be well suited to provide similar benefits for the production of Rinnovo™.”

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About Danimer Scientific

Danimer is a pioneer in creating more sustainable, more natural ways to make plastic products. For more than a decade, its renewable and sustainable biopolymers have helped create plastic products that are biodegradable and compostable and return to nature instead of polluting our lands and waters. Danimer’s technology can be found in a vast array of plastic end products that people use every day. Applications for its biopolymers include additives, aqueous coatings, fibers, filaments, films and injection-molded articles, among others. After the acquisition of Novomer, Danimer now holds more than 390 granted patents and pending patent applications in more than 20 countries for a range of manufacturing processes and biopolymer formulations.


Danimer Scientific, press release, 2021-09-22.


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