CUPRA Born VZ driving sustainability with Bcomp’s natural fibre materials

CUPRA announces the use of Bcomp’s innovative natural fibre composite solutions for the new CUP Bucket seats in the CUPRA Born VZ electric vehicles

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  • The fully electric vehicle sport EV to incorporate sustainable, flax-based composites to decarbonise manufacturing
  • All top range CUPRA Born VZ to have full natural fibre front seats with Bcomp’s high-performance ampliTex™
  • Bcomp’s natural fibre materials enable a reduction of 49% of CO2 emissions in seats’ production compared to previous version
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CUPRA focuses on innovation and sustainability to redefine the automotive industry. This approach is exemplified by the CUPRA Born VZ, which combines powerful performance with eco-friendly design, aiming to inspire a new generation of drivers with its progressive and responsible engineering.

For the car’s interior design, CUPRA’s collaboration with Bcomp and Sabelt, renowned for their expertise in high-performance automotive seats, has resulted in the creation of the first full natural fibre CUP Bucket seats in the CUPRA vehicle line-up. By replacing the seatbacks currently made from carbon and glass fibres, the new all-natural fibre seatbacks offer significant reductions in emissions. Indeed, the use of Bcomp’s proprietary ampliTex™ technical material reduces CO2 emissions by 49% compared to the hybrid version, while also offering end-of-life options. The incorporation of natural fibres offers other significant benefits including enhanced vibration damping and increased safety, providing an optimal blend of sustainability and high performance.

The close collaboration between CUPRA and Bcomp also reflects the ability to rapidly integrate these natural materials into the production car manufacturing process. With a shared commitment to improving environmental responsibility without compromising performance, the transition from traditional materials to innovative sustainable materials has been remarkably swift. The ampliTex™ natural fibre provides both the structural layer and a visual surface that introduces an elegant natural appearance and higher level of comfort for drivers and occupants.

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The resulting fully natural fibre-based CUP Bucket seats are available exclusively for the most powerful electric CUPRA. The CUPRA Born VZ delivers impressive performance with 322 horsepower and a massive instant torque of 545 Newton-meters, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 5.7 seconds and reach a top speed of 200km/h while offering a thrilling and dynamic driving experience for anyone seated comfortably in the supportive bucket seat.

By adopting advanced eco-friendly materials, CUPRA not only enhances the sustainability of its vehicles but also sets a new benchmark for the automotive industry.

Per Mårtensson, Chief Revenue Officer at Bcomp, commented: “Everyone involved from CUPRA, Sabelt and Bcomp showcased unparalleled agility to deliver a world’s first series high-performance natural fibre bucket seat within an extremely short timeframe, challenging standard automotive go-to-market timelines in favour of sustainability. We at Bcomp are happy to prove once again, that we can deliver quality competitive products for the large volume market that offer a much more sustainable solution to automotive interiors than standard materials.”

Francesca Sangalli, Head of Colour & Trim Concept & Strategy at CUPRA, points out: “We’ve been researching the use of flax fibre for some time to integrate it in our car seats. We presented this project at the Unstoppable Impulse event in Terramar and are now happy to say that it’s been successfully implemented. We are changing the sporty aesthetics to incorporate a functional part made of flax fibre in the interior of a car.”


CUPRA is the unconventional challenger brand that brings together emotion, electrification, and performance to inspire the world from Barcelona. Launched in 2018, CUPRA has become one of Europe’s fastest growing car brands and has a global network of specialised points of sale. CUPRA proves that electrification and sportiness are a perfect match, and in 2023 the brand hit new heights with more than 230,000 vehicles delivered. Each successive launch of a model has marked a new milestone in defining the brand’s character, with a challenging and original design: the CUPRA Ateca, a unique model in its segment; the CUPRA Leon, its first electrified model thanks to a plug-in hybrid electric engine; the CUPRA Formentor, the first model to be developed exclusively by the brand and the company’s best-selling vehicle to date; and the CUPRA Born, the brand’s first 100% electric vehicle.

About Bcomp

Bcomp is a Swiss cleantech company and global leader in sustainable lightweighting solutions, also recognised as a Global Cleantech 100 company. Its proprietary natural fibre-based reinforcement materials — ampliTex™ and powerRibs™ — help decarbonise manufacturing and reduce environmental impacts in a wide range of high-performance applications. These include motorsports, automotive interiors, mass transportation, recreational equipment, consumer goods and the aviation industry. Bcomp’s team offers global engineering support and guidance from concept through to industrial manufacturing out of its Fribourg headquarters in Switzerland and an office in Shanghai, China.


Bcomp, press release, 2024-05-21.


Bcomp Ltd.


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