Crowdfunding for medical cannabis – “Say yes to cannabis as medicine”

The charity “Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)” kicks off crowdfunding for a world wide information campaign

What if you had a serious disease that prevented you from living a normal life? Conventional medicines may not always work. What if there was an affordable natural medicine that could help, but there was no reliable source of information about this medicine or national laws would not allow you to use it?

This is the situation faced by millions of people around the world, who suffer from severe medical conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain, severe depression and posttraumatic stress disorder or chronic inflammatory diseases. Only around 10 out of 200 countries in the world have legislation that grants their citizens access to the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids, active compounds found in the cannabis plants, which can help improve patients’ quality of life considerably. About 20 other countries allow limited access to cannabis-based medicines in certain specific cases. Most recently, in early 2016, the Australian Parliament legalized medical cannabis after a long campaign. However, in well over 150 countries there is still no legal access to cannabis-based medicines.

When it comes to health issues, information is key. Under the motto ‘Say yes to cannabis as medicine’, the charity MCD ( aims to increase awareness of the benefits of medical cannabis by making decades of research freely available. MCD will share the information in the most spoken languages in the world, support networking between patients and doctors, and finally promoting legal access to cannabis as medicine in all countries in the world.

Multi-lingual information campaign “Say yes to cannabis as medicine”!

With the public’s help, MCD will launch a multi-lingual global information campaign on medical cannabis in multiple languages targeted at medical professionals, policy makers and patients, alike. The campaign is supported by leading international medical professionals.
With the budget raised through crowdfunding MCD will create and expand a database on all aspects of cannabis as medicine for patients and medical professionals as well as policy makers and the general public. The database and regular newsletter will be freely made available in several languages. The raised funds will also support the close cooperation with existing platforms on cannabis as medicine as well as link and expand existing medical and patient networks – especially with the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM,

The project hopes to create a community of people who can help at the local, national and international levels by providing information on cannabis as medicine. The project will also support existing organisations, who fight for an improvement of legal access to medical cannabis in their countries. MCD will spread the “Medical Cannabis Declaration” and will help interested parties getting in contact with one another and allow them to learn from each other’s work.

MCD hopes other associations and organisations, groups and individuals decide to join this growing campaign to empower patients who stand to benefit from medical cannabis and make medical cannabis world wide legally available.

The “Yes to cannabis as medicine” campaign kicks off on the 19th of April, running until the 18th of June, and can be found at Indiegogo:

Further information including leaflets, video and PowerPoint slides are available at the MCD website:

The campaign will post about its progress on Twitter using the Hashtag #YesToMedicalCannabis


Luis Sarmento
“Yes to cannabis as medicine” Campaign coordinator

Social Media:

Twitter:; MCD will keep you up-to-date using the Hashtag #YesToMedicalCannabis


Medical Cannabis Declaration, press release, 2016-04-19.


Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin
Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD)


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