Creating Bioplastics from Wastewater: Inauguration of pilot plant in Leeuwarden

Joint initiative of the Swedish company AnoxKaldnes, KNN Bioplastic, the Province of Friesland and Friesland Water Authority

On Monday, January 27th, an important pilot installation was officially inaugurated at the Friesland Water Authority (Wetterskip Fryslân) in Leeuwarden.

Research has shown that it is possible to create value from wastewater by producing renewable resources such as bioplastics. This opportunity has led to a joint initiative of the Swedish company AnoxKaldnes (part of Veolia), KNN Bioplastic, the Province of Friesland and Friesland Water Authority, where bioplastics recovery is being tested at a pilot installation located at the wastewater plant in Leeuwarden.

Anoxkaldnes, KNN Bioplastic and the province of Friesland together strive towards a regional circular production chain of bioplastics and, to support this goal, the province recently granted KNN Bioplastic a 100 000 EUR subsidy. The test facility at Friesland Water Authority is therefore one step closer to the goal.

Four hundred years of cooperation

As this year marks the 400th anniversary of mutual trade relations between The Netherlands and Sweden, the Swedish Ambassador Mr. Håkan Emsgård took this opportunity to inaugurate the demonstration site, as proof of the continuing cooperation.

The Friesland Water Authority, in collaboration with the technology institute Wetsus, has been conducting applied research at the demonstration site arranged at the Leeuwarden wastewater treatment plant. Through this demo site, the water board promotes the development of innovative and sustainable water purification.

About Friesland Water Authority
Friesland Water Authority (Wetterskip Fryslân) is one of the regional water boards in The Netherlands. Regional water boards are governmental organizations, which can be compared with provinces and municipalities. However, water boards have specific tasks focused on water management. Wetterskip Fryslân is responsible for integrated water management in the province of Friesland as well as a small part in the province of Groningen. This area is 335,000 hectares in size, while 650,000 people live, work, and travel and enjoy leisure activities there.

About AnoxKaldnes
AnoxKaldnes is part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, the Veolia Water subsidiary specialized in technical solutions and design & build projects for water and wastewater treatment, for industrial and municipal clients. Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies recorded revenue of €2.4 billion in 2012.


Friesland Water Authority, press release, 2014-01-29.


Friesland Water Authority
KNN Bioplastic
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies


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