Cradle to Cradle: Going circular

All dopper bottles are now tried and tested to fit in a circular economy

Bildschirmfoto 2020-12-09 um 14.19.41On the 7th of July 2020, all Dopper employees saw an email come in from our product development manager. The subject line? “All Dopper bottles Cradle to Cradle Certified.” Yes, you read that right. As of this summer, all Dopper bottles in our current collection are Cradle to Cradle Certified. Which is a massive achievement (we’re very humble, really) and something we’re very excited about. But what does it mean? Cradle to Cradle Certified is a globally recognised measure of safer, more sustainable products made for the circular economy. In practice, it means that we use a sustainable design strategy that mimics the regenerative cycle of nature in which waste is reused. Nature doesn’t know the concept of waste, and that is exactly what we’re aiming for at Dopper.

Never break the chain

Being Cradle to Cradle certified means we have extensive insight in the chain of our products: we know what goes in our products, in which circumstances they are made, and of course what happens with the resources at the end of life of our product. At Dopper, we started riding the Cradle to Cradle wave way before our Original got certified backin 2014.

When Merijn founded the company, he figured a product cannot truly be innovative if it causes harm to planet or people. In fact, the whole purpose of Dopper was and still is to make our world’s waters crystal clear, in every ocean and from every tap. Therefore, our bottles are designed to last a looong time, and are made with 100% safe and recyclable material.

So how do you get Cradle to Cradle certified?

Grab pen and paper, and start writing along, because here goes. A certification entails meeting 5 requirements:

  • Material health. All the product ingredients are evaluated on their impact on human and environmental health. At Dopper, all our products are free from BPA and other toxins.
  • Material reutilization. Products need to be either biodegradable or recycled into new products. All the Dopper parts are fully recyclable. Fun fact! Old Dopper parts become planters. It doesn’t get greener than that!
  • Renewable energy and carbon management. This criteria promotes carbon neutrality and the use of 100% renewable energy. The energy needed for the Dopper Original production process is generated by windmills. That is not only green, but also true to our Dutch heritage!
  • Water stewardship. We understand like no other the importance of water. Clean water is a scarce resource and should not be wasted. By cooling down our machines the water heats up. With this heath we warm up our factory.
  • Social fairness and biodiversity. Everyone working for and with Dopper does so in fair working conditions. Not just at the office, but also in our factories. Did you know we were in the top 10 of Great Place to Work in the Netherlands for 2 years in a row

So that’s it about Cradle to Cradle! All our bottles are now tried and tested to fit in a circular economy. Extra cool: with this certification the Dopper Glass, Dopper Insulated and Dopper Steel have become part of a select group, because only a few Cradle to Cradle Certified products are sourced in China. So, hats off to our production partners there, for taking on and succeeding in this sustainability challenge with us. And our journey doesn’t stop here. Our Original is currently certified at the Silver level, while the Glass, Insulated and Steel enjoy a Bronze level certification. Next step is to test our bottles against the stricter Cradle to Cradle Gold level standard. Bring. It. On.

Did you know that we are a B Corp too?


dopper blog, press release, 2020-09-08.




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