Corbion Purac’s PLA certified compostable by Vinçotte & European Bioplastics

Downstream processors to develop compostable end-products based on a reliable and certified PLA resin foundation

Corbion Purac’s PLA resin has been officially certified as compostable by European certification organization Vinçotte of Vilvoorde, Belgium. The PLA resins have been awarded the OK Compost logo as well as the European Bioplastics Association’s Seedling logo. The certifications allow downstream processors to develop compostable end-products based on a reliable and certified PLA resin foundation from Corbion Purac. The PLA and PDLA resins are available for commercial sale in pre-marketing volumes.

Composting of organic waste helps to divert organic waste from landfill or incineration. The European Union actively promotes the separate collection of organic waste. In cases where it is difficult to separate packaging or single use items from the organic waste, a compostable plastic is an excellent end of life solution. “Achieving official compostability certifications from Vinçotte for Corbion Purac’s PLA resins is an important milestone in the further development of our bioplastic portfolio”, states Bioplastics Marketing Director François de Bie of Corbion Purac. “As a material, PLA is inherently a perfect fit with the requirements for compostable products and packaging,” de Bie states.

Products or packaging featuring the OK compost label are guaranteed by Vinçotte as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. The sole reference point for the certification program is the harmonized EN 13432: 2000 standard, which adheres to the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EEC)1. In addition to the OK Compost logo, Vinçotte is a certification body authorized by the European Bioplastics Association to award the Seedling logo to products that are in compliance with EN 13432. “By receiving both the OK compost and the Seedling logo, Corbion Purac’s PLA resins can provide a strong base upon which article producers can develop compostable products that can be recognized throughout the entire European market”, states Petra Michiels, Contract Manager at Vinçotte.

The bioplastic portfolio at Corbion Purac has been extended with specific PLA grades tailored to extrusion, fiber spinning and injection molding, as well as offering PDLA as a nucleating agent. Additional technical data regarding these PLA resins is available on request. In order to enable quick delivery times for European customers, Corbion has material stock in the Netherlands. For more information, please download the product portfolio sheet or visit


Corbion Purac, press release, 2015-05-26.


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