Compostable breakfast boxes go against the grain

Malmö Aviation is now available to members of the Invercote family in combination with bioplastics

The Swedish airline Malmö Aviation has recently launched new breakfast boxes made of paperboard. The new boxes are made of Invercote and Invercote Bio. The boxes save space on board, extend the life of their contents, simplify handling and have a lower environmental impact than their plastic-based predecessors.

Malmo.jpgThe environmental impact is reduced because some members of the Invercote family of paperboard are certified compostable. The new breakfast boxes are the result of a long development process focusing on both functionality and user friendliness. Instigators of the development were the catering company Picknick, the converters Omikron and Malmö Aviation’s then project leader Annika Melin.

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Tags: fibre-based paperboards, Invercote Bio, bioplastic, compostable, food


Packaging Digest, 2012-08-28.


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Malmö Aviation


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