Complete houses constructed from WPC

British Tech-Wood Int. offers modular system for budget homes

The british company Tech-Wood Int. Ltd. offers a modular system for quick, easy construction of complete houses from wood plastic composites (WPC).

The first houses with a living area of 85 m2 and an entry-level price of about €21,000 are currently under construction in Europe and the USA. To produce the building components, the company relies on well-established formulas with a natural fiber content of about 75%and Polypropylene as matrix. The wood used in Tech-Wood products is from PEFC (and partially FSC) certified forests.

With the use of long fibers, a high rigidity between 6,000 and 7,000 MPa is achieved, which is a distinctive feature in comparison to WPC materials from competitors. Profiles for load-bearing parts receive additional reinforcement with metal or fiberglass inserts to counteract plastic flow.

Source, 2009-09-11 and Tech-Wood, 2009-09.




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