Colines: Sucessful trials with biobased barrier films

PLA and PVOH films for cast and blown technology

The Italy-based company Colines has recently focused its research on the extrusion of thermoplastic resins coming from renewable resources (e.g. vegetables), bio-degradable and compostable.

Lately some production tests have been made on PLA and PVOH: these materials have been extruded on the manufacturer’s lines with cast as well blown technology, up to 7 layers and with structures ranging from 50 to 90 micron; multilayer structures with a real possible employment. Colines lines have been modified as to render the same performances of the other standard resins (included EVOH and PA), while keeping productivity unchanged. The optic performance is excellent, as shown by the values of haze and gloss, as well as the printability.

The combined structure of PLA and PVOH creates a barrier film which has resistance against gas passage which is suitable for being used on the market for applications in the food field such as fresh products packaging, meat and fish, but in particular fruit and vegetables, which are guaranteed a “shelf life” within a “green” packaging.


Colines, press release, 2009-07.




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