Clariant to offer certified palm-based materials

Gendorf first plant of BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties to be RSPO certified

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, announced Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Mass Balance supply chain certification for its plant in Gendorf, Germany, in order to meet the increasing demand for sustainable certified palm-based ingredients from customers in the personal care and home care sectors. Gendorf is the first of Clariant’s plants to be RSPO certified and progresses its target to continuously increase the offer of certified palm based products and to have all relevant production sites certified by 2016.

“The use of certified renewable raw materials like palm-based oleochemicals in our products and processes is an important element in integrating sustainability into our operations and attaining our goals of sustainability leadership and value creation for our customers,” said Hariolf Kottmann, CEO Clariant. “Sustainability and innovation are pillars of Clariant’s business strategy and sustainable raw materials are significant for the development of innovative, future-oriented products.”

Palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives are increasingly used renewable raw materials in personal care and home care applications. The RSPO’s supply chain certification schemes are a cornerstone to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products. A member of RSPO since 2011, Clariant has set clear targets to certify all relevant Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialities’ plants using palm-based oleochemicals under the RSPO Mass Balance scheme by 2016. It is an important step in proactively working toward its commitment to achieve 100% segregated supply chain certification by 2020. While Mass Balance allows for mixing of certified and non certified material along the supply chain, segregation is a guarantee that only certified material has entered the supply chain.

Clariant uses olechemicals derived from palm-based oils in its surfactants, emulsifiers and preservatives for personal care and home care products. Clariant is increasingly using certified renewable raw materials to contribute to its sustainability commitments. This is also reflected in the EcoTain® approach which addresses the whole life cycle of the products.

“RSPO certification will provide assurance to our customers and consumers that products coming from these plants derive from sustainable palm oil. We are proud to be a forerunner within our industry in following this path and in working together with our supply chain toward transparency and a responsible and sustainable use and sourcing of renewable raw materials,” comments Michael Willome, Global Head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties.


Clariant, press release, 2014-08-21.


Clariant International AG
Roundtable On Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)


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