Clariant and Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) sign a strategic partnership to revolutionize the cosmetics industry

With its innovative technologies PAT discovers and sustainably produces rare highly active molecules from plant roots


  • Clariant becomes strategic partner for product development and exclusive global distributor for all new co-developed products
  • Clariant to subscribe to approx. 10% equity of PAT

Clariant and Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) announce the establishment of a strategic partnership. It includes the subscription of approx. 10% equity shares of PAT by Clariant, joint development agreement and exclusive distributionship. Renowned for its highly sustainable and cutting edge technologies, PAT develops unique and powerful plant-based active ingredients for cosmetics.

The partnership brings PAT’s research strengths in discovering and producing precious compounds from plant roots together with the claim substantiation and the marketing and sales expertise of Clariant’s Active Ingredients business. These strengths will be combined for the development of new premium products and will reach the market through Clariant’s global network.

PAT is recognized for its high-end technologies used to explore the best plant natural compounds in a very sustainable way. Two proprietary technologies make it possible:

Plant Milking Technology is a process that allows plant cultivation in aeroponic and optimized conditions which facilitates the sustainable recovery of the desired compounds. When gently submitted to exudation, the living roots are delivering phytochemical profiles that are unmatched in their performances, concentrations and values.

Target Binding Technology ensures an efficient and unrivaled way of identifying the compounds in complex mixtures which support the activities of key-relevance for innovative cosmetic claims.

Commenting on the new partnership, Hans Bohnen, Member of the Executive Committee at Clariant, said: “We are excited to further improve our offer to the Personal Care market through this new investment that reflects Clariant’s on-going commitment to a more sustainable industry. The partnership with PAT drives this commitment further and will provide to our customers with best choices in the field of Active Ingredients.”

Christian Vang, Global Head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Care (ICS), added: “The strategic partnership with PAT strengthens our capacity to serve customers with the most innovative and market-relevant active ingredients complementing our other partnerships and enhancing our portfolio with powerful, traceable and more sustainable offerings. We will provide premium active ingredients to the cosmetic market through a monitored and controlled process that explores the most difficult-to-access and richest parts of plants: the roots.”

Jean-Paul Fèvre, President of PAT added: “We are delighted to join our forces with Clariant, one of the leading providers of active ingredients for the cosmetic industry. Thanks to their vision, expertise and knowledge, we will bring together new outstanding possibilities to the cosmetic market in terms of naturality, innovation and performance. PAT has always been specialized in sourcing unsourceable rare active plant compounds in a sustainable innovative way and is very enthusiastic to establish such a strong partnership based on these common values.”

Uniqueness and performance are key-drivers of choice when selecting plants of various origins and ecosystems. Moreover, the sustainable technology also provides full traceability, from the seed to the final active ingredient. With the Plant Milking Technology, harvesting occurs several times a year, and the plants, cultivated in aeroponic conditions are not destroyed: the roots can regrow almost indefinitely. All of these elements are in favor of a sustainable, traceable and eco-friendly process, as everything is located on a single site. There is no competition with agricultural lands which ensures efficient use of planet resources and peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance including the Nagoya Protocol.


Clariant, press release, 2019-11-29.


Clariant International AG
Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) SA


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