Charmant USA: Seeing is believing

All frames are created from recyclable plant-based bio-based plastics

Eyewear company Charmant USA has announced the launch of Awear, a line of eco-friendly eyeglasses. Composed of recyclable plant-based bio-based plastic, plus biodegradable demo lenses. Its inaugural collection of ergonomic eyewear was designed to be lightweight, fashion-forward and completely eco-friendly.

wImageThe brand boasts an unyielding commitment to environmentally conscious practices, from design to production. All of the glasses’ frames and sun lenses are made with sustainable materials — the frames themselves are created from recyclable plant-based bio-based plastic. And since the bio-based plastic is made from a plant-based material, each ergonomically fitted frame boasts reduced carbon-dioxide emissions and water use compared with conventional eyewear.

Production is another important factor for the company. The temple pieces for each pair of glasses are hand-assembled, ultimately making the process more energy efficient. The frames are also designed with a high-chemical resistant material that eliminates the need for spray coating pieces, a factor that reduces overall water usage in production.
Even the demo lenses are biodegradable and are made from carbon neutral polylactic acid.

“Awear is different and exceptional from any other eyewear collection,” Michele Ziss, director of product and marketing at Charmant, said in a statement. “The materials and production processes have distinctive properties and a unique story because they are environmentally friendly.”

Aimed at “style-conscious and environmentally savvy millennials,” Awear debuts this month with seven optical frames and two styles of sunglasses for men and women.

Yosuke Shimano, the collection’s lead designer, credited the “vivacity of life” in the landscapes that surround him for inspiring the range of translucent yet saturated colors.

“It is with this concept, that Awear can make an equally bold style and eco-savvy statement,” the company added.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2016-01-25.