CFCL Adds Ethanol to its Fuel Cell Fuel List

“CFCL is confident that its fuel cell technology can now be applied to another fuel, namely ethanol. This means that our design has even more applications, and can achieve even better environmental outcomes delivering similar high levels of energy efficiency and constant energy supply” stated Dr Karl Foger, Chief Technology Officer for Ceramic Fuel Cells.

This statement follows the meeting last week of CFCL’s specialist Technical Committee at which they reviewed results from a preliminary feasibility study which revealed that ethanol could be made into a fuel mix suitable for CFCL’s fuel cell.

CFCL has also undertaken some preliminary modelling which has shown that the energy efficiency would be similar to a fuel cell using natural gas, of up to 50%.

Dr Allen Conduit, CEO of CFCL said the preliminary findings are significant as they show that CFCL’s unique design of ceramic fuel cells is flexible in being adapted to use a number of fuel sources.

“With this development, we recognise that our fuel cells producing electricity from ethanol will be ideal for crop farmers, those industries generating plant waste, and communities without access to reliable gas or electricity,” Dr Conduit said.

CFCL is now looking to advance these preliminary findings with further exploration and practical studies in partnership with investors and relevant industries to develop this renewable power generator.


Fuel Cell Today Oct 26, 2004.