Catalyst pioneer Econic Technologies partners with SCG Chemicals on CO2-based polymers

The joint venture is one of a number of global partnerships Econic Technologies is engaging in towards realising its goal to create value from waste CO2

Econic Technologies is taking pioneering technology global by partnering with Southeast SCG Chemicals. The joint venture will test the capabilities and application possibilities of Econic Technologies innovative catalysts to manufacture high molecular weight polymers.

Econic Technologies today announced the signing of a JDA to partner with SCG Chemicals, one of Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical companies and a key industrial producer in the Asia-Pacific region. Econic Technologies – who will be appearing at the upcoming CPI Polyurethanes Technical Conference, in New Orleans, Louisiana, US – will work together with SCG Chemicals to develop processes to manufacture novel CO2-based high molecular weight polymers using Econic’s catalyst technologies and to assess application opportunities. SCG Chemicals’ independent subsidiary and polymer research and development firm, Norner will also play a key role in the development programme.

The joint venture is one of a number of global partnerships Econic Technologies is engaging in as it works towards realising its goal to create value from waste CO2 across the globe. By working with polymer manufacturers and suppliers, to help them make their products using carbon dioxide (CO2), Econic Technologies creates the potential to transform the sustainability of products in a variety of industries from packaging to construction. Its partnership with SCG Chemicals opens another route to take its catalyst system developments into mainstream use, with a focus on high molecular weight CO2-based polymers as a new family of thermoplastics.

The joint venture will expand Econic Technologies’ global reach as it continues to grow its ever-developing catalyst portfolio. Rowena Sellens, CEO Econic Technologies, commented: “This opportunity to work with a partner that sees the potential beyond CO2-polyols is a fantastic step forward in expanding the breadth of the applications possible, as well as showcasing the relevance of our catalyst technologies as we move towards commercialisation on a global scale.”

For SCG Chemicals, the opportunity will enable the company to develop new, more sustainable technologies. Dr Suracha Udomsak, Technology Business, Group Head, SCG Chemicals, commented: “This is an exciting milestone for us, allowing SCG Chemicals to collaborate with experts to create innovation that could offer a better living standard to society. This collaboration is an example of technological development that will create impact on both higher material performance and sustainability aspects.”


About Econic Technologies

Econic Technologies was founded in 2011 by Charlotte Williams, now Professor of Catalysis and Materials Chemistry at the University of Oxford, Econic Technologies pioneers catalyst technologies for application within the plastics industry. The underlying catalyst technology was developed at Imperial College London, one of the top research universities in Europe. Econic Technologies has since gone on to develop industrially tailored catalyst systems that enable the utilisation of captured CO2 as a feedstock for manufacturing polyols. Bespoke amounts of CO2 may be used (from low levels up to the maximum 50%) depending on the application of the polyol. This means producers can achieve 30% cost savings on raw material feedstock as well as significant environmental benefit from lower CO2 emissions.


Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2017-09-28.


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SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. SCGC


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