Cascade degradation and upcycling of polystyrene waste to high-value chemicals

New report reveals a highly efficient and resilient approach of degradation-upcycling (Deg-Up) to upcycling plastic wastes, by utilizing judiciously selected cascade reactions rather than complicated and expensive catalysts

Significance Polymer upcycling converts plastic waste to high-value chemicals, representing a highly attractive approach to addressing the urgent environmental crisis.…

Full text:


Zhen Xu, Fuping Pan, Mengqi Sun, Jianjun Xu, Nuwayo Eric Munyaneza, Zacary L. Croft, Gangshu (George) Cai, and Guoliang Liu


PNAS, 2022-08-15.


Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (PNAS)
Virginia Tech


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