Brewlux®, the First Disposable Tea Infuser by The Tea Spot, is Made From Cereplast Bioplastic Resin

First Disposable Tea Infuser Brings Teahouse Experience to a To-Go Cup

Cereplast, Inc. (OTCQB:CERP), a leading manufacturer of proprietary biobased, sustainable bioplastics, today announced that The Tea Spot is launching Brewlux®, the first disposable tea infuser, which is made from Cereplast Biopropylene® 106D.

Cereplast Biopropylene 106D offers a lower carbon footprint when compared to conventional resins, making it an ideal fit for the Brewlux® application. Winner of the World Tea Expo “Best New Product” Award, the Brewlux® brings the full teahouse experience to a to-go cup with its convenient and unique filter design. The first premium alternative to the teabag and paper filters for whole leaf tea, the large fixed volume of the Brewlux® filter allows tea leaves room to expand so tea drinkers can enjoy the full flavor of the tea leaves on-the-go.

The infuser sits elevated in the cup, so tea stops steeping when the water dips below the filter. There’s no wet bag to remove and it’s durable enough to be reused for multiple infusions. With Brewlux®, tea moves from the barista to the customer’s hand faster, requiring less preparation than a tea bag and produces a better tasting cup of tea. The Brewlux® is US patent-pending.

Cereplast Biopropylene 106D was designed to have an excellent balance between impact strength, rigidity and processability. The resin can be processed on existing conventional electric and hydraulic reciprocating screw injection molding machines. In addition to the Brewlux® tea infuser, Biopropylene 106D is recommended for the manufacture of consumer goods, furniture, toys, fashion accessories, packaging, and automotive applications.

Frederic Scheer, Chairman and CEO of Cereplast commented, “Our bioplastics serve many end product markets evidenced by the launch of Brewlux®, the first disposable tea infuser. The renewable industry as a whole is rapidly evolving not only in Europe due to government intervention and mandates, but globally including the United States. Every day that passes the industry continues to evolve with large and small corporations making increased investments, creating opportunities for Cereplast. We look forward to partnering with more companies like The Tea Spot in the future.”

About The Tea Spot:
The Tea Spot is a for-profit philanthropic business producing handcrafted loose leaf teas and Steepware® – the tools that make loose tea easy. The Boulder, Colorado-based woman owned and operated company was founded by Maria Uspenski in 2004. A cancer survivor drawn to the health benefits of leaf tea during her recovery, she set forth to modernize the loose leaf tea experience. Her message is simple and powerful: tea in its freshest form renders incredible flavor, unmatched health benefits, and is eco-friendly. The Tea Spot is a Certified B Corporation and ensures that its products uphold clean, sustainable and fair manufacturing standards. The company’s model of social entrepreneurship incorporates a culture of giving as it grows: ten percent of every sale made is donated in-kind to cancer and community wellness programs.

About Cereplast, Inc.:
Cereplast, Inc. (OTCQB:CERP) designs and manufactures proprietary biobased, sustainable bioplastics which are used as substitutes for traditional plastics in all major converting processes – such as injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding and extrusions – at a pricing structure that is competitive with traditional plastics. On the cutting-edge of biobased plastic material development, Cereplast now offers resins to meet a variety of customer demands. Cereplast Compostables® resins are ideally suited for single-use applications where high biobased content and compostability are advantageous, especially in the food service industry. Cereplast Sustainables® resins combine high biobased content with the durability and endurance of traditional plastic, making them ideal for applications in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics and packaging.


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