BRAIN AG announces strategic research collaboration with BluCon Biotech GmbH

Collaboration to run several months with the option for extension and prolongation after reaching agreed milestones

  • Joint R&D work aims at microbial strain development for the production of high-value chemicals including bioplastics
  • BRAIN provides comprehensive resources of its BioArchive and strain development expertise
  • BluCon Biotech contributes their respective production strains

BRAIN AG, a German listed industrial biotechnology company, announces the start of a strategic research and development collaboration with BluCon Biotech GmbH. The objective of the joint research efforts is the identification and development of special microbial production strains. The collaboration will run several months with the option for extension and prolongation after reaching agreed milestones.

BluCon Biotech GmbH develops a consolidated bioprocess for the production of lactic acid from industrial or agricultural cellulosic waste based on the company’s proprietary bacteria. BluCon’s objective is to achieve very low production costs in order to allow the production of PLA-based bioplastic (poly lactic acid) at costs competitive to fossil fuel-based plastics.

The aim of the R&D collaboration is the further improvement of BluCon’s microorganisms with classical biotechnologies enabling them to produce within their metabolisms the required product in a highly efficient manner.

“BRAIN is a key player in the field of industrial biotechnology for developing innovative solutions and products for various industries. We are very glad that we now have BRAIN as a strategic partner for our ambitious programme to commercialize the BluCon platform”, says Dr Albrecht Läufer, CEO of BluCon Biotech GmbH.

“We are very experienced in industrial strain development programmes. Besides classical processes in aerobic production organisms, BRAIN also provides a comprehensive technology portfolio for the cultivation and genetic engineering of strictly anaerobic bacteria. We are committed to help our partner BluCon Biotech to improve the space time yield of the production strain in a short period of time”, says BRAIN’s Dr Martin Langer, EVP Corporate Development.

BluCon Cell Factories (Source: Blucon Biotech GmbH)
BluCon Cell Factories (Source: Blucon Biotech GmbH)



B.R.A.I.N. Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG (BRAIN AG; ISIN DE0005203947 / WKN 520394) is one of Europe’s leading technology companies in the field of industrial biotechnology, the core discipline of Bioeconomy. As such, BRAIN identifies previously untapped, efficient enzymes, microbial producer organisms or natural substances from complex biological systems that can be put to industrial use. The innovative solutions and products developed by help of this “Toolbox of Nature” are successfully applied in the chemistry, the cosmetics and the food industries. BRAIN’s business model is based on two pillars – BioScience and BioIndustrial. The BioScience segment comprises its frequently exclusive collaboration business with industrial partners. BioIndustrial comprises the development and commercialization of BRAIN’s own products and active product components.

About BluCon

BluCon Biotech GmbH was established in June 2017 and is based at the Cologne BioCampus where it runs both research laboratories and offices. BluCon Biotech GmbH is currently developing a unique process that allows L-lactic acid to be produced at the lowest possible cost, which in turn paves the way for the production of PLA-based bioplastics (poly lactic acid) at prices competitive to their fossil fuel counterparts.


Blucon Biotech GmbH
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