BIOVYN™ expands into the sustainable fashion and utility clothing sector

Swedish clothing brand Farmerrain is the latest manufacturer to use BIOVYN™ PVC as part of its sustainability strategy

Farmerrain is using BIOVYN™ – the world’s first commercially available bio-attributed PVC produced by INOVYN – to accelerate its growth plans for sustainable clothing, which includes fashion-led rainwear and high-performance workwear.

Farmerrain has a long-standing focus on sustainable clothing based on PVC. BIOVYN™ will help the Company to take the next step along its sustainability journey, delivering a ‘drop in’ product that combines a much lower carbon footprint with the same high quality, durability and performance as conventional PVC.

To deliver its BIOVYN™ based PVC fashion range, Farmerrain will source its PVC coated fabric from experienced and long-term partner Scandinavian Coating. With over 60 years of industry experience working with PVC-coated fabric, Scandinavian Coating works with materials such as fabric, cloth and felt, and produces fabrics that are known for their good quality and long life. It produces fabrics for companies, both nationally and internationally, in industries such as healthcare, food, automotive and safety.

Christian Lydén of Scandinavian Coating comments: “Scandinavian Coating is constantly working to create a sustainable environment, with our own recycling of waste products as well as using biological and recycled raw materials. We are happy for the collaboration with INOVYN as we have been able to develop an environmentally friendly alternative to our existing products that also has less of an impact on our environment.”

BIOVYN™ is a next-generation PVC made using 100% renewable feedstock that delivers a reduction in carbon footprint of up to 90%. INOVYN’s supply chain is fully accredited to RSB standards, demonstrating the excellent sustainability credentials of BIOVYN™ and securing INOVYN’s position as a true leader in the emerging circular bio-economy.

Filipe Constant, INOVYN Business Director, comments: “Farmerrain’s adoption of BIOVYN™ is another showcase for bio-sourced PVC. Specifically, BIOVYN™ provides the fashion, leisure and sportswear sector with a solution that can help boost sustainability credentials through a significant reduction in carbon footprint.”

In addition to its fashion line of waterproof coats and trousers, Farmerrain’s products include heavy-duty workwear such as aprons and overalls that it sells into applications that demand high performance and protection including fishing, agriculture and emergency response such as firefighting.

Jonas Carlsson, Farmerrain founder, comments: “BIOVYN™ has become a staple for us as we double down on our efforts to become carbon neutral whilst also providing sustainable alternatives to fast fashion.

“Our product range is not only sustainable in terms of a much better eco-profile thanks to BIOVYN™, but by using PVC we are also able to offer our customers a product that combines fashion with extreme durability and longevity unlike other materials traditionally used for clothing.”

Since its launch in 2019, BIOVYN™ has been adopted by a wide range of industry sectors including eco-flooring and pipe systems. In addition, product trials are currently underway for use in medical applications, automotive and consumer products such as toys and luxury fashion accessories.


Part of INEOS, INOVYN is Europe’s leading producer of vinyls and in the top three worldwide. With an annual turnover of €3.1 billion, INOVYN has circa 4,200 employees and chemical manufacturing, sales and marketing operations in 8 countries across Europe.

INOVYN’s portfolio consists of an extensive range of class-leading products arranged across General Purpose Vinyls; Specialty Vinyls; Organic Chlorine Derivatives; Chlor Alkali; Hydrogen and Vinyls Technologies. INOVYN’s annual commercial production volume is circa 10 million tonnes.


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Scandinavian Coating


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