Biotechnology helps meet consumer demand for earth-friendly products

Increased consumer awareness of sustainable products and chemicals supporting growth of industrial scales

Industrial biotechnology has its roots in cleaning up environmental hazards. In fact, the first patented genetically engineered microbe was designed to clean up oil spills. Today, biotechnology enables manufacturers to make sustainable products with renewable material, instead of oil, and to use less energy in the manufacturing process.

A recent Roundtable discussion hosted by the Industrial Biotechnology Journal and printed in its April edition features academic experts and executives from industrial biotechnology and consumer product companies discussing demand for sustainable products. (Visit Journal publisher MaryAnn Liebert at Booth 3617 in the BIO Exhibition.) Consumers are looking for products that are safer, reduce pollution and energy use, and minimize impact on water quality, according to the participants.

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BiotechNow, 2013-04-22.


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