Biopolymer manufacturer MHG appoints Director of Materials Technology

Michael N. Mang to bring essential expertise in developing performance materials for industrial biotechnology

MHG, the holding company for innovative biopolymer entities Meredian Inc. and DaniMer Scientific, are pleased to announce that Michael N. Mang has joined the company and will be taking on the role of Director of Materials Technology.

Mang joins the team with more than twenty eight years of experience in the polymer industry, including developing commercial scale processes for polymers. He has a successful track record in both start-up industrial biotechnology and global chemical company settings. In addition to his experience, Mang has an extensive list of publications he co-authored.

“Mang’s expertise in developing performance materials for industrial biotechnology is essential for the continued growth of MHG,” said Paul Pereira, Executive Chairman to the Board of Directors and CEO. “His addition to the team is invaluable, as he brings with him experience that is crucial in implementing a business and distribution strategy, as well as continuing commercialization our finished product.”

Prior to joining MHG, Mang served as the Director of Product Technology and Application Development at Myriant Corporation, an industrial biotechnology company. During his tenure, he recognized possible new market opportunities and implemented a go-to market strategy for their new bio-based product. This subsequently led to an increase in their potential growth from $100 million to nearly $1 billion.

In addition to his time at Myriant, Mang was the Director of Product Development for Specialty Products at Natureworks, LLC, a company that commercialized plastics made from renewable resources. For twelve years, he also organized and created new technology development plans to promote capital investments in polymer products for The Dow Chemical Company. During his time at Dow, Mang specialized in commercialized plans and scaling processes for polymers.

“I’m thrilled to be joining MHG’s innovative team,” said Michael N. Mang. “The company has a great vision and strategy and has come up with a solution to the petro-plastic problem that is polluting the world. I want to use my skills and experience to help MHG achieve our goals of replacing plastic”.

Mang joins the team during a very intriguing time. MHG has achieved many accomplishments over the last few months including receiving sole-verification from the FDA for food substance contact, as well as affirmation of scalability from global food ingredient provider Tate & Lyle. The company has also received all six certifications from Vinçotte International for biodegradability and compostability. In addition to these accomplishments, MHG expects to exceed their projected funding goals of $125 million from the China International Fair for Investment.

About MHG

MHG is the holding company of Meredian, Inc. and Danimer Scientific, two innovative environmental entities that are striving to replace petro-plastic with 100% biodegradable and toxin free bioplastics to create a greener tomorrow. Their trademarked agrofacturing process is the system of cold-pressing canola oil harvested from non-GMO canola seed and manufacturing it into customizable PHA biopolymers. By choosing to utilize locally grown canola seed, MHG is able to eliminate high-transportation costs as well as provide local farmers with a market that does not compete with other food sources.


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