Bioplastics Research Has Environmental Positives

Soybeans are used in plastics as a substitute for oil

Bioproducts in soybean meal are capable of replacing up to 40 percent of the petroleum content in plastics, according to researchers. Biopolymer-composites derived from soy are being used in resins, and are currently in a variety of everyday items, such as binders, paint, ink toner and jets, plastic foams, and the absorbent part of diapers.

Battelle and Biobent Polymers, a Marysville-based company, have partnered in bioproduct research for the past couple of years. The use of soy co-products instead of petroleum is much better for the environment, not toxic, and considerably less expensive per pound. The goal is to continue to improve durability of the resins to encompass even more plastic products.

Ohio’s $98-billion-agriculture and food industry, which has 75,000 farms covering 14 million acres, would benefit economically from renewable soy by-products, according to the Ohio Soybean Council. This will help to counter market price fluctuations.


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Battelle Memorial Institute
Biobent Polymers


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