Bioplastics Awards 2006

Running alongside the 8th annual Bioplastics conference the Bioplastics Awards take place on the evening of 6 December 2006 in Frankfurt, Germany

The Bioplastics Awards will be a global event for a global industry that has everything to gain from highlighting innovation. The Bioplastics Awards is organised by leading pan-European plastics magazine European Plastics News and has the support of retailers and material producers alike in its aim of helping to develop markets and applications for bioplastics.

Stuart Lendrum, print and packaging manager at UK retailer Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, says: “Sainsbury’s is committed to the development of sustainable packaging technologies. The Bioplastics Awards is a great way of highlighting achievement made in this direction and will encourage companies at all levels of the supply chain to enter.”

And German materials group BIOP Biopolymer Technologies AG, which has just announced a major expansion of its Schwarzheide bioplastics production unit, has given its support to the event by sponsoring the prestigious Bioplastics Retailer of the Year category.

Bioplastics Awards Finalists:

1. Best Innovation in Bioplastics

  • Alcan Packaging – Transparent barrier coating for bioplastic film
  • Biobag International – -Bioplastic bag organic waste collection system
  • Biomer – -Injection mouldable polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB)
  • Metabolix – -Laboratory route to bioplastics from switchgrass
  • Sukano – – PLA film performance modifier masterbatch

2. Best Bioplastics Processor

  • Autobar – – PLA sheet production
  • Biobag International – -Bioplastic film production
  • GroenCreatie – -Moulded bioplastic agro-products
  • Treofan – – PLA film production

3. Best Bioplastics Application – Food Packaging

  • Alcan Packaging – -Ceramis transparent barrer bioplastic film
  • Cereplast – -Bioplastic coating for paper cups
  • Coopbox Europe – -Naturalbox foamed bioplastic food trays
  • Huhtamaki – -Bioware range of food packaging
  • Nestlé – -Thermoformed bioplastic chocolate box trays

4. Best Bioplastics Application – Non-Food Packaging

  • Alcan Packaging – -Ceramis transparent barrier bioplastic film
  • Innovia Films – -Bioplastics wrap for feminine hygiene products
  • RPC Cresstale – -Bioplastics lipstick casings

5. Best Bioplastics Application – Non Packaging

  • Arkema – Rilsan polyamide fuel lines
  • Batelle – Low temperature biopolymer coating
  • Ecozema – Mater-Bi clothes pegs and housewares
  • Unitika – Bioplastic modified polymer phone casing

6. Best Bioplastics Marketing Initiative

  • Belu – UK launch of bioplastic packaged water
  • Biobag International – Strategy to develop the Biobag brand
  • Novamont – Launch of the Novamont Biorefinery
  • Treofan – Website promoting Biophan films

7. Best Bioplastics Retailer

  • Albert Heijn
  • Coop Italia
  • Delhaize
  • Sainsbury’s

Source Nov., 2006.