Bioenergy could employ 50,000 in UK by 2020, says new NNFCC report

A new report suggests that heat and power from biomass could deliver up to 50,000 jobs over the next eight years

“Biomass will have a major role in delivering the UK‟s 2020 renewable energy targets. However there has been a lack of reliable data on the wider benefits this potentially significant industry could bring to the UK economy,” said author of the report Fiona McDermott.

The study was commissioned by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change – alongside two other pieces of NNFCC research on the potential for domestically grown energy crops and barriers to bioenergy deployment – to provide evidence for the Government’s Bioenergy Strategy, published today.

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NNFCC, 2012-04-26.


Department for Transport and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
UK Government


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