Biobased Chemical Industry Venture Funding Dries Up

Wave of IPOs and acquisitions signals mature industry, but new opportunities exist in high-performance biobased products

A venture funding boom for biobased materials and chemical start-ups is nearing an end as the market matures, according to a Lux Research report released Oct. 18.

Over the past seven years investors have poured $3.1 billion into ventures that utilize biomass to replace petrochemicals in chemical products, such as polyethylene. But a wave of IPOs and major acquisitions of the once-fledgling companies indicates the industry is rapidly maturing, says Mark Bunger, a Lux Research director and lead author of the report.

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Keywords: acquisitions, artificial photosynthesis, novel molecules, biomimetic structural materials, microfabrication, synthetic biology


IndustryWeek, 2011-10-18.


Lux Research, Inc.


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