BIO-FED’s contribution to the EU Green Deal 2030

Company is developing and supplying now a wide range of sustainable PLA-based compounds

Cosmetic cream for skin care. Natural cosmetics in nature with green fern leaves.
Application example of environment-friendly cosmetics packaging

As a branch of AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH, BIO-FED is the specialist for innovative and application-oriented biocompounds. The product portfolio under the trade name M·VERA® is constantly being expanded with new products. The company is developing and supplying now a wide range of sustainable PLA-based compounds.

The European Green Deal is a concept presented by the European Commission in December 2019 with the aim of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions to zero in the EU by 2050 and thus becoming the first continent to be climate neutral. A 55% reduction in CO2 is to be implemented already in 2030. With its predominantly fossil-free and sustainable PLA-based products, BIO-FED can offer an alternative material for a large part of packaging applications, for example. The relevant M·VERA® grades can be processed both in the injection moulding process and in the extrusion process, e.g. thermoforming.

As a 100% biobased and industrially compostable polymer, PLA is versatile. Possible applications include packaging for food and cosmetics as well as consumer items, such as office supplies or household goods. PLA compounds are characterised by variable stiffness and typically low shrinkage. The material properties can be individually adjusted by adding different fillers or reinforcing agents and additives.

“If there is no suitable compound in our portfolio, we have the ability to respond to the wishes and requirements of the customers with our experienced research team and jointly develop tailor-made PLA-based compounds,” says Dr. Stanislaw Haftka, Sales Director at BIO-FED.

According to the manufacturer, transparent compounds are also possible. Moreover, biodegradability according to “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” is being sought. The compounds can also be colored with the biobased AF-Eco® masterbatches from the sister company AF-COLOR. These are developed and manufactured in close cooperation by the two companies.


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