Bio-based Start-up Day – Featuring the Best and Brightest

Eleven innovative start-ups will introduce themselves to the bio- and CO2-based industry

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Eleven innovative start-ups will introduce themselves to the bio- and CO2-based industry. At the same time, experts of the finance world will give an insight into their work with young companies. The event programme is final.

160302StartUpDaynovaAt 7 April 2016 the “Bio-based Start-up Day” will take place for the first time in Cologne (DE). Out of a variety of submissions, eleven innovative start-ups were chosen by organizer nova-Institute and the partners CLIB2021 and IBB-Network to introduce themselves to the industry and finance world.  At the same time, investors will provide insights into their work with start-ups of the bio-based and biotechnology industry and elaborate on their motivation to work with start-ups. Anindya Mukherjee from i2i (DE/USA), specialised on advising young companies from the industrial biotechnology, plastic and chemical industries, will give valuable tips on how to successfully launch a company. nova-Institute (DE) will report on the state of European markets and present smart investment calculations for the initial phase of a project. Jim Philp of the OECD in Paris informs about public investments and Benno Weißner from the corporate network Zenit (DE) about possibilities for grants in Europe. Managing Director of BRAIN Capital GmbH, Frank Goebel, one of the leading European biotechnology companies, will report on their way from start-up to recent stock market launch.

The breaks will promote effective networking between start-ups and industry and finance experts. The “Bio-based Start-up Day” provides great networking opportunities all day long. Registered participants can reserve a free exhibition booth to present their products directly at the event.

You can find all information on the programme, exhibitors and participants on the website:


nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2016-03-02.


BRAIN AG - Biotechnology Research And Information Network AG
i2i europe
nova-Institut GmbH
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)


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