Beyond Alternative Fuels: Biobased Chemicals Deliver Serious Solutions to Utility Fleets

Today's Biodegradable Alternatives Do Not Have Tradeoffs in Performance

Why Green Your Fleet?
Electrical, cable and telecom utility companies have incorporated sustainable products into their fleets for years to accomplish a variety of business objectives. As fleet managers begin to look at the results from these greening initiatives, more companies are realizing tangible benefits and intangible strategic value that biobased and environmentally safe products bring to their companies.

When considering a sustainability program for a utility company’s work truck fleet, the top priority continues to be fuel consumption and carbon emissions-and for good reason. Clean, efficient engine systems are vital to a robust fleet greening effort, but a focus only on fuel and power technologies can lead to missed opportunities in further reducing costs, workplace hazards and environmental impact. Specifically, biobased chemicals offer an additional dimension of sustainability value to work truck fleets and often are bypassed or underused. With knowledge of these products and a typical operating budget for specialty chemicals, fleet managers can be assured that using biobased products in their fleet operations will offer effective solutions to common problems-while providing a meaningful return on their investment. Altec Green Fleet provides an example of the value of switching to biobased functional fluids.

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