Berlin world capital of the bioeconomy

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015: Germany leads the world bioeconomy

Berlin was for three days (24-26 November) the venue of the Global Bioeconomy Summit which was attended by many of the protagonists of this meta-sector from Europe, Asia, Africa and America (approximately 700 people).

The Berlin summit led to the communique “Making Bioeconomy Work for Sustainable Development”, that aims to pave the way for a sustainable bioeconomy. With two assumptions: the bioeconomy needs global policies, there isn’t one but many different bioeconomies.

“Bioeconomy policy – is written – should not be fragmented into diverse policy areas or technology sectors, but comprise RD&I, agriculture, forestry, marine sectors, food, healthcare, biotechnology, converging technologies, renewable energy and conservation, and all these in combination with digitalization. For bioeconomy to become a key driving force of sustainability transformation in the circular economy, a more systematic, inter-sectoral and international approach is needed”.

Bioeconomy topics must be included into ongoing discussions on how to achieve the Sustainable Development goals at international and national levels.

The full version of the communique will be available soon on the web site of the German Bioeconomy Council, which organised the Summit, supported by the German government.

The next Global Bioeconomy Summit will be held in 2017.

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Mario Bonaccorso


Il Bioeconomista, 2015-11-27.




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