Axalta Launches Industry First Range of ISCC Plus Certified Biobased Powder Coatings

Alesta® BioCoreTM provides a sustainable alternative to incumbent products containing fossil fuel-based polyester resins

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Axalta Coating Systems (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global coatings company, has launched its Alesta® BioCoreTM range of powder coating solutions derived from non-food organic waste. The new offering enables up to a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to incumbent products containing fossil fuel- based polyester resins, while offering the same performance benefits and properties.

The new range marks another milestone for Axalta after becoming the first manufacturer within the powder coatings industry to receive the ISCC Plus accreditation for biobased feedstock sourcing practices earlier this year.

As construction, architecture and industrial customers work to reduce their carbon footprint, replacing traditional polyester resins with sustainable solutions like Alesta® BioCoreTM provides a quick and cost-effective way to cut scope 3 emissions. This is made possible via the use of natural raw materials sourced from sustainable and fully traceable non-food sources, which eliminates any additional burden on food supply. Such materials contain significantly lower levels of embodied carbon, with all of the same benefits as fossil fuel-based equivalents.

The new range of biobased powder coatings includes:

  • Alesta® SD BioCoreTM Architectural SuperDurable is a range of super durable, biobased powder coatings formulated with high performance exterior grade pigments of the highest quality. This Qualicoat Class II- and AAMA2604- certified product line delivers exceptional weather and UV resistance and is backed by a warranty of up to 25 years
  • Alesta® AP BioCoreTM Architectural is a range of standard durable, biobased powder coatings formulated with high quality exterior grade pigments. Designed for outdoor architectural substrates and outdoor structures such as cladding, it is compliant with standards such as Qualicoat Class I, AAMA 2603 and GSB Florida 1 (Standard) and is backed by a warranty of up to 15 years
  • Alesta® IP BioCoreTM Industrial, Alesta® IP is a range of biobased powder coatings for outdoor industrial applications, offering excellent weather resistance, outstanding mechanical properties for outdoor durability, and first- rate reactivity

The products will initially be sold in Europe from 21 May. System houses, architects, fabricators and other consumers of powder coatings will have a greater range of options to choose from, depending on their sustainability goals. The new Alesta® BioCoreTM range helps customers minimise their environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Shelley Bausch, President, Global Industrial Coatings at Axalta, said: “Sustainability is a key focus area for our business and our customers and partners, who are increasingly focused on addressing their environmental footprint. The Alesta® BioCoreTM range of powder coatings can have a significant and immediate impact, cutting emissions by up to 25 percent when compared to incumbent solutions. Our mission is to support our customers on their sustainability journey and by innovating with purpose to develop sustainable solutions from biobased materials, we are empowering them to reduce their impact on the planet. By giving this alternative, we hope to drive positive change and inspire a greater awareness of green practices for a better tomorrow.”


Axalta, press release, 2024-05-21.  


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International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)


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