Automotive suppliers join efforts and introduce sustainable concept car at the North American International Auto Show

Concepts for Advanced Sustainability in Polyurethanes to feature automotive components and materials from renewable and recycled polyurethane foam

Unique Fabricating Inc., Emery Oleochemicals, FXI Inc., and Line-X are excited to announce advancements in innovative polyurethane products through an initiative that is aimed at raising the bar in environmental sustainability stewardship for the automotive industry. Combining years of manufacturing knowledge, technical expertise, market insights and a drive for innovation, the partnership targets to the goal of reducing foam waste headed for landfills by providing production alternatives through a closed loop processing initiative.

Making its debut at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, the Concept Car ” CASP” (Concepts for Advanced Sustainability in Polyurethanes) will feature automotive components and materials made from both renewable and recycled polyurethane foam. Representing a non-exclusive partnership formed between Unique Fabricating, Inc., Emery Oleochemicals, FXI Inc., and Line-X; CASP will demonstrate opportunities for the automotive industry to meet its performance and sustainability goals with recycle content polyol solutions that are suited for various automotive foam applications.

This distinctive initiative includes a technology in which recovered foam scrap materials were chemically processed, turned into recycled polyol and subsequently used in the production of polyurethane foams demonstrated in CASP.  All polyurethane foams applied in the making of this concept car were produced using Emery Oleochemicals’ proprietary polyol technologies offered through the widely recognized EMEROX® Renewable Polyol and INFIGREEN® Recycled Content Polyol product lines. Designed to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications, the EMEROX® Renewable Polyols are made from bio-based resources and deliver on both performance and cost, while the INFIGREEN® Recycled Polyols are made from recycled polyurethane scrap foam.

As the exhibitor hosting CASP, Unique Fabricating, Inc., will showcase its product portfolio in the automotive fabrication of the non-metallic materials including a variety of polyurethane foam parts featured on the concept car. All Unique Fabricating’s PU foam offal is shipped to Emery Oleochemicals to be converted into new polyols, enabling a closed loop process to take place which reinforces zero waste to landfills.

FXI Inc. has established a process to utilize Emery Oleochemicals’ recycled polyols in its formulations on components that Unique Fabricating has featured on the CASP car. These include parts such as seat topper pads, and various foam seals and gaskets. Additionally, FXI incorporated recycled content polyols on seat upholstery foam laminates.

In this joint initiative, Line-X developed new coatings that feature recycled content incorporating Emery Oleochemicals’ sustainable EMEROX® and INFIGREEN® bio-polyols.

The Concept Car was styled and built by Advanced Automotive Technologies (AAT) in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

The Concept Car will be displayed in the main concourse of Cobo Hall of Detroit’s Cobo Center, from January 12-25.


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Advanced Automotive Technologies (AAT)
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