Automated Packaging Systems Introduces New 0.95 mil XD Blend(TM) Biodegradable Premium Film

Company designs and manufactures a complete line of void-fill and protective packing systems and specialty packing materials

Automated Packaging Systems has developed a new protective packaging material that is thinner and stronger than similar materials used for void-fill packing applications. The new XD Blend is engineered using the most advanced polymer technologies to provide a thin, 0.95 mil material with superior physical properties and eco-friendly biodegradation.

The new XD Blend film is designed for use with the AirPouch® Express 3(TM) void-fill packaging system, which uses on-demand inflation to create strong air pillows that resist puncturing for reliable product protection during shipping. This pillow material comes pre-formed and fan-folded in a box, providing substantially more yield than rolled materials. Each box contains nearly a mile (5000 ft.) of uninflated pillows, significantly reducing changeover times, shipping costs, and storage space requirements.

XD Blend Bio is part of the EarthAware(TM) family of films and contains a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in 9 months to 5 years, depending on exposure conditions. It is fully recyclable, and contains up to 20% pre-consumer recycled material. XD Blend Bio comes standard in green tint with the EarthAware logo for end-user awareness.

AirPouch EZ-Tear(TM) pillows include the company’s patented perforation between each pillow, allowing faster, easier separation for better packing productivity. This unique perforation allows more air into each pillow, providing better yield, a lower cost per cubic foot, and less weight per package.

“Our new XD Blend film has exceptional performance properties,” explains Chris Rempe, Senior Product Manager. “It has allowed us to create an environmentally responsible film that is stronger and more puncture resistant than standard films, while also being affordable to our customers,” he adds.

About Automated Packaging
Automated Packaging Systems has been designing and manufacturing original Autobag®, AirPouch® and SidePouch® systems and products for nearly 50 years. With more than 30,000 bag packaging systems in operation and a worldwide service organization, Automated Packaging Systems has the experience and support to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

The AirPouch® Division of Automated Packaging Systems designs and manufactures a complete line of void-fill and protective packing systems and specialty packing materials. Complete information is available at the company’s web sites: and

Source, press release, 2011-09-28.


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