AuburnJames Winery Selects Axios for Logistics Pilot Program

Cooperation with bio-based Axios pallets for a unique sustainability initiative in the wine industry

Axios Mobile Assets Corporation has been selected by AuburnJames Winery to provide its bio-based pallets for a logistics trial program within the winery’s distribution network. In the trial, Axios will provide 30 of its bio/polyester resin based RFID-enabled pallets for use in a closed loop system used by AuburnJames and its primary pick, pack, & ship distribution partner. This is the first agreement for Axios with a premium beverage supplier.

AuburnJames selected the Axios pallet based on a number of factors, including its cleanliness, durability, high quality, aesthetics, and track and trace capability. Axios offers a sustainable approach to storing and transporting wines that is consistent with AuburnJames’ brand positioning in the marketplace. The Ontario-based company’s bio-based pallet and tracking technology offers a complementary fit to the winery’s sustainability practices while helping to alleviate case goods damage, splinters and other unsightly debris in the winery’s bottling and finished goods area.

Over the next 24 months, AuburnJames will integrate use of the complete customized logistics solution developed by Axios, which encompasses its RFID-enabled pallets and tracking technology. The solution will provide enhanced visibility and monitoring of AuburnJames’ shipments as they move through an expanded distribution channel and into the retail market, addressing ongoing counterfeiting and theft concerns in the industry.

“We are pleased to partner with AuburnJames Winery, with our recently approved VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) methodology for the pallets, as this will be a very purpose driven and unique sustainability initiative,” said Richard MacDonald, Axios president and chief executive officer. “We are confident that the Axios solution will provide value to AuburnJames as it increases its operational efficiencies and continues to implement new solutions to reduce the environmental impact in its operations, while supporting the brand’s high standards.”

The wine industry has taken increasing steps to protect high-value wines from theft and counterfeiting during the shipping and delivery process. Once implemented, the track and trace function of the Axios Solution will ensure AuburnJames wines can be traced throughout the delivery process, alleviating concerns about counterfeiting or theft, thereby protecting the authenticity of the AuburnJames brand in the marketplace.

This pilot program positions AuburnJames as one of Northern California’s most environmentally conscious wineries. “The Axios solution offers a perfect complement to our operations as we strive for sustainable, clean technology in our processes,” said Matt Ospeck, Proprietor of AuburnJames Winery. “We are excited to see the results from the initial pilot program and look forward to expanding our relationship with Axios in the future.”

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, AuburnJames uses natural cork from renewable resources and uses lightweight bottles in its operations. The Axios pallet offers a lightweight solution and when combined with AuburnJames’ ongoing efforts, these collective initiatives will offer a substantial cost savings for the winery as it expands moving forward.

The Axios pallet also offers a durable solution to the ongoing concerns of using traditional wood pallets, which include the potential for product damage, torn boxes, broken pallets and impaired cleanliness within its operations and during the shipping process. Axios pallets are capable of a 2,800 pound load and are easily cleaned to ensure deliveries support AuburnJames’ brand values in the marketplace.

About AuburnJames Winery
AuburnJames Winery produces artisan California wines from Napa Valley, Livermore Valley, and several other AVAs throughout Coastal and Northern California. The Tasting Room & Gallery is located in the heart of Danville, CA while the winemaking and hand processing of each varietal is conducted in its Livermore, CA winery under the meticulous care of winemaker, Jim Frost. Many elements determine the quality of a wine thus the utmost of care is taken to ensure that each step of the AuburnJames winemaking process is executed to the highest possible standard. From vineyard care to fruit selection and careful hand sorting, AuburnJames’ goal is to deliver a very high quality ultra premium product while trying to maximize what a particular AVA, vintage, and varietal has to offer.

About Axios Mobile Assets
Axios Mobile Assets Corp. is a logistics enabler, featuring next generation, bio-based pallet technology, which can be bundled with its proprietary tracking and information system that helps improve the value chain in the logistics market. The Axios bundled offering is gaining market acceptance based on its unique attributes: lower total cost, longer useful life, customized configurations and a revenue stream through carbon credit generation, monitoring and the monetizing of carbon emissions reductions. Axios was incorporated under the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) and is a reporting issuer in the Province of Ontario. Axios is traded on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX) under the symbol AXA.


Axios Mobile Assets Coporation, press release, 2012-12-04.


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