Arnhem, Netherlands: Launch of hemp cultivation in the Koningspleij

France certified seeds being tested in the Netherlands by the NAK, the Dutch General Inspection Service

The Koningspleij in Arnhem along the N325 looks annually in May as just a fallow field, but four months is suddenly here a forest: man-sized plants that have tons of CO2 absorbed and converted into oxygen. Passersby look the coming months, a majestic natural fiber crop stand there in late August assists in full glory. These results show we will soon also see, because all talk.

The Arnhem alderman Ine of Burgsteden (CDA), has the development of the Kleefsewaard in its portfolio. She argued Wednesday, May 13th, the first sowing operations, along with deputy Michael Scheffer (D66), which acts for the province of Gelderland in the policy Economics, Education and Labour and Europe. His party colleague and former deputy Annemieke Slow is credited as a pioneer of the natural fiber grown in Gelderland. IPKW director Kevin Rich and Ben Ratelband of StexFibers acted as hosts.

Ton Reijers farmer and director of the Company Koningspleij in 2014 had his first experience with cannabis cultivation, for which Industrial Park Kleefsewaard suggested a courtyard available. With debris contaminated soil is true, but the soil unsuitable for arable hardly bother the plants they grow brave by up to three meters high.

This year was the decision to sow hemp hesitant, but in early May, the farmer still dared to sow a plot hemp on the Koningspleij. On behalf of the Municipality of Arnhem Reijers manages this location in exchange for the usufruct. In consultation with its attendant cultivation Agrifirm, Ton put this year in addition to hemp also sugar beet and corn.

Variety Futura 75

Hemp seed is mostly imported from France, where each year about 15,000 hectares of hemp is grown. The Koningspleij is this year’s variety Futura 75 in the ground. This concerns in France certified seeds being tested in the Netherlands by the NAK, the Dutch General Inspection Service for seed crop.

,, This year we can see only good or hemp yields a harvest of interesting here, “anticipates Reijers. ,,The entire harvest later I feed my cows. If you’re Googling for ‘hemp and roughage’ reading and see you all about the effects of cannabis on the health and production of dairy cows. I’m really curious. Not only the yield but especially hemp doing as part of the ration of my cows. From a risk management perspective sowing I now have a small plot. If like the result, I put in 2016 maybe the whole Koningspleij full hemp.”


Pantanova, press release, 2015-05-14.


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