API and SACMI, together to develop a 100% biodegradable cap

Compostable cap proved to be a big hit at PACKOLOGY 2013, Rimini

BildWhen it comes to innovation and sustainability, the development of new materials and the optimisation of processing technologies are equally important goals.
API Spa is a long-standing company with a wealth of experience in the soft thermoplastic compounds field and is also the leader of the biopolymer industry. Now, together with SACMI – the international group that leads the world in machines for Packaging (a sector that includes Beverage and Closures&Containers) – API has produced a 100% biodegradable mineral water bottle cap.

Presented at PACKOLOGY 2013 in the “SACMI FOR THE ENVIRONMENT” area – a ‘green tour’ that will also be set up inside the SACMI stand for the forthcoming Drinktec and K events – the 100% biodegradable, compostable cap proved to be a big hit, arousing considerable levels of interest and curiosity.

The cap was obtained starting from a compound belonging to the APINAT BIO range; thanks to their chemical structure and versatility, these compounds can easily be processed using widely available technology and have an extensive application range, being used in industries as varied as footwear, agriculture and, of course, packaging.
Thanks to the unique rheology and behaviour of the molten material, APINAT BIO has been able to take full advantage of the cap-making compression technology for which SACMI is so renowned; the flexibility of this technology has, in fact, resulted in optimisation of the APINAT compound and attainment of outstanding production, functional, biodegradability and compostability performance of the cap.

Stemming from a joint project by API Spa and SACMI, this latest development confirms and reinforces both firms’ mutual commitment to the high-innovation development needed to resolve the planet’s burgeoning environmental issues.


API Spa, press release, 2013-07-30.


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