An Advance in Viability of Bioplastics?

Tim Sykes interviews Biome's CEO Paul Mines about bio-based plastics made from organic chemicals and lignin

As Packaging Europe reported two weeks ago, the UK’s Technology Strategy Board recently awarded a grant to a consortium led by Biome Technologies to investigate a bio-based alternative for the oil derived organic chemicals used in the manufacturer of bio-based plastics. Tim Sykes interviews Biome’s CEO Paul Mines to get the inside story.

TS: Biome Bioplastics and Warwick University have received a grant from the TSB to look as the feasibility of using a chemical from lignin to replace oil-derived equivalents currently used in some bioplastics. What is the timeframe of this project and what will be the focus of the research methodology?

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Tags: isolate, bio-based polyester, aromatic chemical, sustainability, niche markets, economic downturn, biochemistry, chemistry


Packaging Europe, 2013-04-19.


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