AMSilk and Interpolymer Announce Production and Distribution Partnership

Interpolymer to take care of the production of the new hybrid polymer emulsion SILKTRAN®5621, manage its worldwide distribution

AMSilk GmbH, the world’s first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers, and Interpolymer/Zschimmer & Schwarz GmbH Co. KG Chemische Fabriken, a Germany-based global polymer manufacturer, have strengthened their longtime cooperation with a strategic partnership. Interpolymer will take care of the production of the new hybrid polymer emulsion SILKTRAN®5621 developed together with AMSilk. As part of the partnership, Interpolymer will manage its worldwide distribution to customers in the color/decorative cosmetics industry.

Innovative product for breathable nail polishes

The result of the cooperation of AMSilk and Interpolymer is the product SILKTRAN®5621, a completely new hybrid polymer emulsion. The new emulsion SILKTRAN®5621 is based on two unique products: Silkgel, the transparent hydrogel developed by AMSilk and the polymer emulsion SYNTRAN®5620CG produced by Interpolymer. This complex of functional, vegan silk polypeptides and the polymer emulsion due to its unique properties is especially suited for innovative, breathable and water-based nail polish technologies. In recent testing by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging, water-based nail polishes with SILKTRAN®5621 proved to be more breathable than conventional solvent-based nail polishes or common benchmark products with SILKTRAN®5621.

In their natural state, nails absorb oxygen and water vapor to prevent discoloration and weakening, but with solvent-based nail polishes, the nail is sealed off, impairing the oxygen and water vapor supply. By using SILKTRAN®5621 non-occlusive nail polishes can be created, which support breathability, prevent the nail from discoloring and improve the overall nail condition.

In addition to supporting increased breathability, SILKTRAN®5621-powered nail polishes are nonflammable, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly than conventional alternatives. Furthermore, these polishes have no unpleasant odor, as the polish is free of nitrocellulose, ethyl acetate and butyl acetate.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Interpolymer, a valuable and highly respected company, to market our joint product SILKTRAN®5621,” said Jens Klein, AMSilk CEO. “With this partnership, we will expand our worldwide distribution network and be able to further enhance our position on the international cosmetics market.”

“Through our work with AMSilk, we succeeded in developing a trendsetting product that represents a new generation of nail polish technologies,” explained Siegfried Gillich, Managing Director of Interpolymer. “Our competences in the production of polymers are perfectly complementary, and we are excited to distribute such a promising product worldwide.”

Participation at SEPAWA Congress

AMSilk and Interpolymer will both be presenting at the SEPAWA Congress, the most important European venue for the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries. At the event, which runs until October 20 in Berlin, AMSilk will present Silkbeads and Silkgel, its cosmetics products based on its nature- identical silk biopolymers. Interpolymer/Zschimmer & Schwarz as well will present novelties for the cosmetics market, such as the breathable nail polish with SILKTRAN®5621. Interpolymer can be found at booth B328 to B330 and AMSilk at booth B315.


About Interpolymer

Interpolymer since 2015 operates as a subsidiary of Zschimmer & Schwarz group and develops and produces cutting edge polymers for use in the Surface Care, Consumer Specialties and Industrial Specialties markets. Products with these polymers have some unique properties which clearly differentiate them from conventional products and which can be used in different industries. Surface Care polymers significantly improve the cleaning ability and the protective characteristics of the end products. Consumer Specialties polymers are predominantly designed for the make-up, personal care and household markets, while Industrial Specialties Polymers are used in products for the coating, sealing and treatment of surfaces.

About AMSilk

AMSilk GmbH is the world’s first industrial supplier of synthetic silk biopolymers and has its headquarters in Planegg near Munich, Germany. Sustainably produced using a patented biotechnological process, AMSilk high-performance biopolymers have the unique functional properties of the natural product they are based on. The organic high-performance material can be used in multiple ways, including in medical or technical products as well as cosmetic ingredients. AMSilk high-performance biopolymers give everyday products unique properties. Among other things, the polymers are biocompatible, breathable and especially robust.

AMSilk high-performance biopolymers are distributed in the form of Silkbeads (microparticles), Silkgel (hydrogel) or Biosteel® fibers. They are currently used in coatings for medical technology products, in the textile industry and as an ingredient in cosmetic products.


AMSilk, press release, 2017-10-18.


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