Alberta gets $4.4 million to boost bio-product development

Investment flows in a pilot plant for the production of bio-based plastic packaging

A federal investment of more than $4.4 million through Western Economic Diversification Canada will boost the Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.’s efforts to test and commercialize new products derived from crops and grains, and also establish and equip a manufacturing pilot plant to produce crop-based protein and cellulose derivatives used as ingredients for a variety of commercial products, bio-based plastic packaging among them.

The initiative is intended to build on research conducted through the University of Alberta’s Cereal Protein and Cellulose Program, which has developed industrial products, including protein films that could be used to make biodegradable, thermo-plastic packaging.

According to a press statement, the new manufacturing facility will partner with commercial manufacturers to assist them with pilot-scale production, testing and the demonstration of products and technologies that, if successful, will be licensed to and manufactured by industry partners.

Additional support is also being provided through the Alberta Barley Commission and Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions.


Bread4pla, 2012-03-06.


Alberta Barley Commission
Alberta Crop Industry Development Fund Ltd.
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
University of Alberta
Western Economic Diversification Canada


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