Advances in Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Enzymes Shine at BIO World Congress

Presentation and discussion of future sustainable production capabilities in the global personal care industry

“Natural and organic personal care is the fastest growing sector of the global personal care industry.” Kathy Lowther opened the discussion focused on Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Enzymes Destined for Food Ingredients, Cosmetics and Personal Care Sectors by getting the attention of the audience with the projection that the fastest growing sector will reach $14 billion by 2015.

Based in Alberta, Lowther discussed how the province will be joining this ever growing market. Alberta’s Specialty Chemical Ingredient (SCI) Initiative is focused on facilitating development of products from biomass. The goal of the program is to be the preferred supplied of ingredients for cosmetic and personal care household cleaning product industries. Alberta is working to connect the grower, end buyer, processor, and researcher to create a mutually beneficial relationship based in the Alberta economy. Alberta is actively working to position themselves to develop plant based ingredients while simultaneously enabling companies to generate profitable sales based in renewable, sustainably grown resources.

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Tags: renewable cosmetics, Soy oils, vegetable oils, GRAS, biomass feedstocks, marine microorganisms, biodegradable


BIOTechNOW, 2013-06-21.


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