Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC) 2023 – Call for Abstracts

Taking place on 28-29 November 2023 in Cologne, Germany, and online, the Advanced Recycling Conference will introduce the diversity of advanced recycling solutions and brings together stakeholders along the entire plastics value chain

Everything you ever wanted to know about advanced recycling technologies, renewable chemicals, building- blocks, monomers, and polymers based on recycling: Hear about it at the Advanced Recycling Conference ( 28–29 November 2023, Cologne, Germany (hybrid event). The unique concept of presenting all advanced recycling solutions and related topics at one event will guarantee a comprehensive and exciting conference experience, covering technologies such as extrusion, dissolution, solvolysis, enzymolysis, pyrolysis, thermal depolymerisation, gasification, and incineration with Carbon Capture Utilisation (CCU).

Ambitious recycling targets set by the EU, and the chemical industry but also brand commitments, and customer demands are putting enormous evolutionary pressure on the recycling sector. Large shares of non-recycled waste streams on one side are facing the demand and search for renewable feedstocks for chemicals and materials on the other side. Both equally stimulates discussions about which technologies are best suited for which waste stream and how to assess their environmental impact.

In consequence, advanced recycling technologies are developing at a rapid pace, with new players constantly entering the market, from start-ups to giants and everything in between. New plants are steadily being built or upscaled, while established provides are able to achieve higher capacities, and successfully form new partnerships.

All hands on deck for maximum recycling impact

To keep track of all these developments is difficult. The Advanced Recycling Conference which will take place over two days in the heart of Cologne, Germany, aims to cut through the clutter of information by providing an overview and in-depth insight into all available recycling technologies for different streams of plastic waste as well as policy topics and environmental impacts. The ARC welcomes technology providers, related industries, waste management companies, brands, investors as well as policy makers and scientists working in the diverse and interdisciplinary field of recycling. By bringing together all relevant topics and experts, the event will provide a framework for new partnerships, ideas, approaches, and value chains.

Speakers will have a unique opportunity to present their latest developments to a broad and relevant audience. To foster exchange, the conference includes plenty of opportunities for networking with stakeholders along the entire plastics value chain. The conference will cover all new and innovative recycling solutions such as physical processes based on extrusion and dissolution, chemical processes based on solvolysis, biochemical processes based on enzymolysis, and thermochemical processes based on pyrolysis, thermal depolymerisation, gasification and incineration with CCU.

Call for Abstracts

Everything you ever wanted to know about advanced recycling technologies, renewable chemicals, building- blocks, monomers, and polymers based on recycling. 

Deadline for submission: 30 August 2023

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Call for Posters

Present your latest recycling research in our dedicated poster session. 

Deadline for submission: 15 October 2023

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Conference Registration

Registration fee is 945 EUR (excl. 19 % VAT) for both days and 450 EUR (excl. 19 % VAT)) for the virtual option. 

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Exhibition Opportunities

Become an exhibitor at the conference!

Companies that would like to book an exhibition booth (6m2) can do so for the price of 1,100 EUR (excl. 19 % VAT). Included in the booth fee is one conference ticket. The conference exhibition is located prominently within the conference hall so interaction with the participants is guaranteed. 

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Sponsoring Opportunities

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Join us as a sponsor and find a range of sponsoring options which provide you with maximum visibility and impact at the conference. We are open to new ideas and would be delighted to implement them with you. Please contact us if our sponsoring options appeal to you or if you would like to forward a proposal of your own.


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