3D Fuel launches high heat grade advanced PLA and revolutionary algae based 3D printer filaments

3D Fuel operates through a joint venture with ALGIX

3D Fuel, a manufacturer of 3D printer filaments and fuels, today announces the launch of two exciting new 3D printer filaments: a High Heat Grade Advanced PLA filament as well as an algae- based PLA filament. This High Heat Grade Advanced PLA brings into one the sustainability benefits of PLA with some of the material properties typically found in ABS. The Algae-Fuel filament provides an even more environmentally friendly option because it is comprised of PLA and wild harvested algae.

”We are extremely excited to be bringing these revolutionary new filaments to the 3D printing market” states Matt Stegall, Co-founder of 3D Fuel. “We believe that these products can truly disrupt the filament market and greatly increase the adoption of more sustainable filaments because the user doesn’t have to compromise on performance or quality.”

3D Fuel operates through a joint venture with ALGIX, a clean technology company. Solaplast, a sustainable polymer innovation center, is the bioplastics division of ALGIX. Ryan Hunt, COO of 3D Fuel states that “3D Fuel is in a great position within the 3D filament market because we are able to rapidly innovate and take ideas to end products in a short period of time. By being vertically integrated under one roof with Solaplast, we have in house: polymer science expertise, biomass processing, bioplastics compounding, filament extrusion, a quality control and 3D printing test lab, logistics and many strategic partnerships. This enables us to ensure high quality and consistent products for our customers.”

3D Fuel Advanced PLA Filament is being produced from high heat grade PLA, which was developed specifically for the manufacturing of 3D printer filament. The high heat grade resin exhibits improved heat-resistance and has faster crystallization rates. When using 3D Fuel filament made from this resin, you can expect: low odor, higher print detail/resolution, excellent first layer adhesion, improved adhesion between layers, and reduced warping, curling and failed prints (as reported by the resin manufacturer).

“There is often the thought that more sustainable plastics will not perform as well as traditional petroleum-based plastics. As more and more 3D printers try 3D Fuel products, that myth will be debunked” says Barbara Zeller, Marketing and Communications Manager of ALGIX and 3D Fuel. 3D Fuel sources the finest raw materials, including wild harvested GMO free algae, base resins, pigments and additives in the making of their filaments.

Algae is high in protein, which works well in plastics to help maintain the material properties that users are accustomed to in conventional plastics while also providing a more sustainable option. Utilizing algae to produce more sustainable plastic products helps to sequester environmental carbon and provide clean water, and algae does not require the use of arable cropland as most other bioplastics require.

“This is our mission at 3D Fuel, to provide the highest quality materials to our customers. We want to help them fuel their creativity today, without compromising our needs of tomorrow.” – Mike Van Drunen, CEO of 3D Fuel.


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