21 Reasons Why Powerizer Complete Is A Detergent & Cleaner That Keeps Giving

Plant and Mineral-Based Cleaner Certified Across Dish, Laundry, Carpet and Multi-purpose Cleaners


The only detergent and cleaner on the market that is used to clean everything dirty. It saves you time, money, and space, which eliminates wasteful containers with no additives, fillers, or dyes. It’s an H.E. high efficient detergent, septic safe, made of plant and mineral-based ingredients. The USDA recognizes Powerizer as a BioPreferred Product in four categories (Laundry, Dishwashing, Multipurpose, Carpet, and Upholstery). Powerizer does not test on animals, therefore making it a safer choice.

1. Using one (1) product means spending less time and money buying multiple cleaners to complete your chores. Ever notice how popular cleaning companies keep adding a new cleaning product even though they sell a multi-purpose cleaner?

2. When Powerizer is near, never fear, you can easily clean everything dirty, keep a concentrated solution handy for cleaning all your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

3. Powerizer cleans comforters so you won’t need to spend money at the dry cleaners. Especially your down comforter, which costs upwards of $75.

4. Powerizer will clean your car interior so you can skip the detail shop and save room in the trunk. Check out all the car cleaning items Powerizer replaces.

5. Powerizer will clean sports apparel, so you get more use out of them.

6. When holiday guests are coming to town, use Powerizer to clean everything dirty they would need, like bedding and towels.

7. Did you know Powerizer is a machine cleaner? Use it for laundry and nothing else, so it maintains your machine and eliminates mold smells.

8. Powerizer easily removes odors and stains from carpets, even pet odors. Just another product you will never buy again.

9. Someone spills a drink on your shoes; you usually would throw them out instead use Powerizer to remove the stain from your shoes. Yes, it even works on suede.

10. When its time to host your summer bar-b-que, don’t forget to clean the patio furniture and the cushions with Powerizer Complete.

11. Powerizer is an excellent solution for cleaning make-up brushes, which we really should do more often.

12. Did you read how Powerizer saved a woman’s deposit by removing a fresh nail polish spill from the carpet?

13. Ever wonder why wine glasses, shower doors, and your windows need a separate cleaner? They all made of glass.  Powerizer easily cleans all three surfaces eliminating the need to buy shower cleaner, window cleaner, and rinse aid?

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14. We did the math! How much is spent on the seven different products to clean your laundry, the four different products to wash dishes, and the many other products to clean everything else dirty in your house?

15. Ever wonder how much you spend or loose when you become sick. Avoid taking a hit to your time, energy, and pocket by cleaning for the cold and flu season with Powerizer complete.

16. Stop buying cleaning products and additives that are known for off-gassing, triggering allergens such as fabric softeners, dryer sheetsfloor cleaners, and the toilet bowl cleaner. Powerizer safely cleans everything dirty in your home and dries with no lingering scent.

17. When it’s time to send your student off to college, pack Powerizer Complete. It can be used to hand wash clothes, maintain all surfaces in their dorm. It’s one product in one small package, so it takes up less space, and dorm rooms aren’t spacious.

18. If you weren’t aware, Powerizer ships for free, just set up your customer profile, input your mailing address, and we will deliver it to your front door.

19. Powerizer offers a Subscribe and Save Program, which allows you to pick the intervals, quantities, and sizes of the bag at which you want your product to arrive. It saves you 15% for all future subscribe and save orders.

20. Powerizer makes cleaning your appliances easy and eliminates the need to purchase specialty cleaners like stainless-steel and granite cleaners.

21. With Powerizer, we won’t ship you water. We figured you probably already have that in your home, no need for you to buy more.


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Powerizer LLC


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