1st ECP Job Exchange at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering

The 1st ECP Job Exchange offers a very clear focus on content as well as exclusive access to top-class participants who are committed to this topic


  • 1st ECP job exchange offers graduates the chance to meet top-class professionals and decision makers
  • From Human Resources to Employee Relationship Management

The 1st ECP job exchange at the 4th European Chemistry Partnering offers graduates a new and unique opportunity: Here, young chemical professionals can meet with decision-makers and founders from a wide range of chemical and biotech industries in a professional and familiar atmosphere. The topics covered at the 4th ECP form the background for valuable contacts to be made for those who are looking for their first job. This is what makes this job exchange so interesting, also for new employee relations departments. Human Resources was yesterday.

Participants registered for the sponsored student prize at the 1st ECP job exchange can use a DinA3 CV template to present themselves in the ECP exhibition and lay out a complete CV and business cards. They can also use the networking zone as well as attend the exhibition, keynote and pitches. The topic-specific workshops are particularly recommended for establishing contacts; whether the graduate sees himself or herself entering the areas of battery research and printed organic electronics or in biodegradable plastics and bioeconomy in his or her first job. The companies and organizations participating at the ECP come from all over Europe.

Dr. Holger Bengs, CEO of BCNP Consultants GmbH and initiator of European Chemistry Partnering, explains the idea behind the 1st ECP job exchange: “The chemical industry needs young and creative people who want to make a difference. This is the only way we can achieve the sustainability goals of the United Nations and make the circular economy a reality. The 1st ECP Job Exchange offers a very clear focus on content as well as exclusive access to very different companies and top-class participants who are committed to this topic.”

Participation in the job exchange costs 97 Euro (net) and entitles to attend all the workshops and events within the ECP. For 25 euros net, participants can start networking at the evening Get- Together at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the City of Frankfurt. The whole event is sponsored by BCNP Consultants GmbH. When asked why participation is not free for graduates, Dr. Holger Bengs says: “If we take sustainability seriously, then the graduates from our universities who will become the technological movers of tomorrow should learn that they need to invest something in order to take the best possible path to a career. Sustainability is a triad: people, planet, profit. The open-minded and the best will know how to seize their opportunities.”

Request for participation and registration by mail to partnering@european-chemistry- partnering.com.



97 percent of all products contain at least one chemical process step: renewable raw materials, enzymes, industrial biotechnology, new processes, products from residual materials, digitization, etc. are changing the processes in chemical value creation: starting with purchasing logistics on to production and finally marketing and sales. Interdisciplinary exchange is gaining in importance. With the ECP, an international chemistry community is growing that wants to derive more innovation from what already exists.

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About the European Chemistry Partnering

The European Chemistry Partnering is an event format in which the focus is on discussion about innovation along the chemical value chain. It is aimed at decision makers, innovation managers and investors in the chemical industry and its user industries, as well as industry-focused stakeholders and qualified service providers and consultants. The ECP consists of the elements: Keynote Speech, Partnering, Pitches, Exhibition, Workshops and Final Panel. Companies can describe their innovations in short presentations (Pitches) and arrange appointments via a software tool in advance (Partnering).

The ECP always begins at the Get-Together on the evening before and it ends with a joint breakfast on the next day. Satellite events organized with partners emphasize its importance as both marketplace and meeting point for decision makers. The European Chemistry Partnering was conceived and initiated by Dr Holger Bengs, CEO of BCNP Consultants GmbH. The first event took place in 2017 and has been now organized twice a year since 2018.

About BCNP

BCNP Consultants is a Germany-based Consultancy that specializes in the areas of Biotech, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (BCNP). BCNP’s core competences include scientific and technical expertise, strong networks and industry knowledge. The company provides Strategy, Communication and Sales consulting services via its divisions BCNP strategy and BCNP connect. Specialist areas are market and technology analyses as well as Innovation scouting. Since 2015 BCNP has published the annual Compass to Europe ́s Innovative Chemical Companies (www.chemistry-compass.eu) to encourage entrepreneurship in the chemical industry. In 2017 the marketplace “European Chemistry Partnering“ was initiated to bring together and engender dialog among creative minds and decision makers on an international stage.


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European Chemistry Partnering, press release, 2020-01-28.


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