RCI Key Policy Messages (PDF)



This short document contains seven key policy messages the RCI advocates for to shape the future of the chemical and material industry. These seven messages are:

  1. Renewable carbon and comprehensive carbon management need to become integral guiding principles of policies to achieve truly sustainable carbon cycles.
  2. Adopt a precise definition of “non-fossil, sustainable” carbon and then adopt a legally binding target for 20% sustainable, non-virgin-fossil carbon content
  3. Suitable measures to support the 20% goal would be
    1. material- and product focused policies that promote all three renewable carbon sources,
    2. CCU receiving at least the same support as CCS and
    3. recognition and promotion of chemical recycling technologies
  4. Support the transformation of existing chemical infrastructure from fossil to renewable carbon and support the transformation of biofuels plants into chemical suppliers
  5. Support the massive expansion of renewable energies
  6. Develop standards, certificates and labels for renewable carbon
  7. Phase out financial support, tax advantages and tax exemptions for fossil feedstocks
Renewable Carbon Initiative
Date of publication
Jul 2023
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