Carbon Storage in Hemp and Wood raw materials for Construction Materials


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As such, it is interesting to investigate the potential of biomass to store carbon in raw materials used in industry, more specifically the construction industry. What is the potential of biomass to supply the construction industry with raw materials containing temporarily stored biogenic carbon per hectare and year? Are there differences between various biomass types? What is the associated reduction of atmospheric greenhouse gasses due to the carbon in the raw materials? What are the emissions of greenhouse gasses associated with this provision of raw materials? This study will look into these questions for wood and hemp based raw materials which can be used in the construction industry. The production of the construction materials, and the associated emissions with the conversion of the raw materials to final products, is outside the scope of this assessment due to the wide variety of construction materials which can be produced from the raw materials. The study has calculated the potential of a hectare of wood and hemp to transfer carbon from the biosphere to materials which can be used in the construction and insulation industry. The potential of a hectare of wood and hemp to provide carbon to the construction industry, including greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production, is similar.

Niels de Beus, Matthias Stratmann, Michael Carus
Date of publication
Jul 2023
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