Covestro at Cosmetagora: Sustainable formulations for cosmetic products

Baycusan® eco E 1000: a new biobased film former

In hairstyling formulations, the biobased film former Baycusan® eco E 1000 achieves at least the same good performance levels as synthetic products, but avoids the disadvantages of other natural film formers.

At the Cosmetagora trade fair in Paris on January 15 and 16, 2019, Covestro will present its new Baycusan® eco series of biobased polyurethane film formers for the first time in France, the country of cosmetics, at booth number 26. The first product in the series, Baycusan® eco E 1000, consists of almost 60 percent renewable raw materials and may be labeled as an ingredient of natural origin in accordance with ISO Standard 16128, Part 1.

Until now, cosmetic formulators are facing the challenge that they need to choose between high-performance synthetic and natural components. In hair styling formulations, Baycusan® eco E 1000 achieves at least the same good performance level as synthetic film formers – especially in formulations where long lasting hold and good moisture resistance are important.

Often enough, the use of “green” raw materials in hair styling and hair care products is connected with visible and tangible disadvantages, e.g. with residues on the hair (flaking) as well as insufficient humidity resistance and washability. Unlike natural film formers, it leaves no residue or sticky touch on the hair. The new product is an excellent way of enhancing the naturalness of cosmetic products without compromising on styling or quality. This is particularly true for the hair’s curl retention properties and heat protection.

Keeping up with the trend to natural products, Covestro is presenting two new cosmetic formulations in Paris: One of them is a hair gel from the new biobased film former (INCI designation: Polyurethane-93) with very good hairstyling properties, which is based on natural or naturally derived ingredients and does not require any synthetic fixing additives.

Baycusan® classic: polymers with good biodegradability

At Cosmetagora, Covestro will also be presenting the biodegradable properties of the synthetic polyurethane dispersions in the Baycusan® classic range. In contrast to other film formers, they are biologically degraded within a short time period. This is an important advantage, especially when used in suncare products, where consumers pay particular attention to environmental compatibility.

Covestro will also present a Skin & Ocean Sun Protect Lotion based on synthetic Baycusan® C 1004 (INCI: Polyurethane 35) whose ingredients have been carefully selected for their environmental profile. When formulating the suncare product, the main objective was to minimize the impact on the marine ecosystem and at the same time to offer high protection.


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